Hi, I’m Patrick Coffin,
and welcome to my website!

If you haven’t noticed, we’re in the middle of an undeclared war. It’s not a military war; it’s a war of ideas. One side wants to preserve traditions like faith, family, and freedom. The other side wants to remake society into the image of a politically correct dictatorship.

What’s at stake in this war?

The plot of our story.

Who are we becoming?

Where are we going?

What kind of environment are we leaving our children?

Another word for all of this is CULTURE.

As the host of the top-rated Catholic radio show in America, Catholic Answers Live, for almost eight years, I was blessed to moderate debates and discussions about the most important things in this life and the next.

Not only did I interview top leaders and influencers, but more importantly I spoke with many thousands of ordinary people from around the world, and I discovered something very interesting:

We’re all thinking the same thing. The culture is coming apart at the seams at a dizzying rate of speed.

Just when you don’t think things can get worse— they get worse. And the trouble is, people are afraid to speak their minds, while:

  • Judeo-Christian values have been booted out of the public square…
  • God has been shoved to the back of the bus…
  • The flag seems to be burned more often than saluted…
  • It’s open season on brave police officers…
  • Marriage somehow got redefined under our noses by five unelected justices…
  • Islamic terrorists are plotting a global caliphate
  • A fog of confusion has descended upon us about manhood and womanhood

And I’m just getting warmed up.

Fellow parents and other adults, this is happening on OUR watch.

There’s no time left to waste. This is why I launched The Patrick Coffin Show. It’s not political but we do talk politics. It’s not scholarly but we do talk about great books, thinkers, and movies. It’s not religious, but since I’m Catholic, the Christian faith is part of the backdrop of the content.

The best part is the conversations with top leaders – call them experts of excellence, sages of sanity, captains of culture – influencers who have fascinating insights into how to stop the hand-basket we’re in from going over the falls.

You’ll also learn from the men and women who have stood up to the new dictators of relativism and their cheering mascots in cable, network television, the newspapers of every North American city, porn producers, ESPN, the BBC, the CBC, women’s magazine editors, and – who did I leave out?

Oh, yeah: Yahoo “news anchors.”

So If you want to build a better culture than our politically correct elitest one, climb aboard.

You’re not alone. Join Coffin Nation.


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