12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

‘Tis the season to be manly! Are you a man, or do you love one? Looking for that just-right gift for him for Christmas?

Look no farther. Uncle PDawg is here with 12 manly gifts for Christmas shopping.

(If you’re a man, send your “wishlist” to the woman in your life, she will appreciate it. Or just snag something on your own. Is that so wrong?)

In no particular order (click on the images to buy in Amazon. Full disclosure: I get a small commission that doesn’t affect your price):

1. Vintage silver business card case:

Tired of bending or losing business cards? I use this bad boy every day. Its original purpose was for old-school cigarette smokers, but it’s perfect for giving and receiving…business cards. And wouldja look at that price!

2. Classic fedora:

’nuff said about the main visual feature of my logo and the “valor values” it represents. Hey, you can spend $200 on a fedora, but why O why? This elegant felt Stetson version is a great money saving start. Move over, Gary Cooper.

3. Meet John Doe (1941):

Directed by Frank Capra (DVD, 70th-anniversary edition). This is the OTHER Capra Christmas classic about a good man tempted to a bad thing on Christmas Eve. Villains take it on the jaw, Saul Alinski’s chicanery is predicted 80 years ago, and the film is loaded with fedoras. What’s not to love? An annual tradition in Coffinlandia.

4. COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey by Peter Breggin, MD, and Ginger Ross Breggin.

The Covid hysteria is only going to end when We the People stop complying.  This book by the dynamic Breggins is THE manual to understand the whole evil phenomenon. It names, tracks the pre-history to Covid, and offers bright light going forward toward hope and medical sanity. Exceptional.

5. Cedar shoe box kit:

A man’s shoes say a lot about his attention to detail, not to mention etiquette. After noticing your sex, hairstyle, and eye color, shoes are the next thing people notice about you. Are your shoes looking ratty and worn? Spruce ’em up with this elegant shoebox with all the gear you need get started on the royal road to spiffy.

6. Eat, Fast, Feast: Heal Your Body While Feeding Your Soul―A Christian Guide to Fasting by Dr. Jay W. Richards

You know you want to get rid of that muffin top hanging out the top of your beltline. You have no energy in the morning, and there’s very little pep in your step, and you’re prone to the blahs. Well, meet intermittent fasting—your new ally in the battle for health. Dr. Richards here unlocks not only weight loss, but health infusion.

7. Men’s Shaving Gear and More

The crack staff at Glory and Shine have put together a manly array of men’s products that will never be worn by a beta male announcer on NPR. We’re talking safety razors, creams, pomade, lotion, incredible soap, and more. Not only do you get Latin prayers on each product, anything using liquid uses water from Lourdes. Coupon: COFFIN for a discount. (disclosure: I get a small commission that doesn’t affect the price.)

8. Pocket knife for everyday carry:

This bad boy is great for the everyday carry needs: strings, receipt stems, tape, boxes, letters—anything needing sharp separation from anything else. Stop rummaging around for the tool you need now. When someone asks for a knife, they’re really asking for a man.

9.  The Z Stack anti-Covid protocol

This is the original formulation for early treatment and proven prevent for Covid-19. Our grandmothers were right: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s a science based supplement made from Quercetin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc. For starters.

10. The Catechism Explained by Father Francis Spirago

Talk about “old school, rock solid, ambiguity free, no holds barred, defending the hard says of Christ” Catholicism! This classic summary, first released in 1899, summarizes the venerable Council of Trent catechism format in a way that gets straight to the point with clarity and insight. The Catechism Explained is the kind of teaching tool Pope Bergoglio would reject as rigid and Pharisaical.

12. Trophy Husband T-shirt.

Because, come on.  A great conversation starter for him to talk about how great you are as a wife (or girlfriend).

A blessed Advent!

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