The Top 12 Manly Christmas Gifts

The Top 12 Manly Christmas Gifts

‘Tis the season to be manly! If you are a man, or someone who loves one, and you’re looking for the perfect manliness-enhancing gift, look no farther. The following list, in homage to the 12 Days of Christmas, is user-tested, and certifiably trustworthy. Men, don’t be shy, send your “wish list” to your wives, they will appreciate it.

Here we go, in no particular order (click on the images to shop in Amazon):


1. Vintage silver business card case:

Tired of bending or losing business cards? I use this bad boy every day. Its original purpose was for old school cigarette smokers, but it’s perfect for giving and receiving…business cards.

2. Classic fedora:

’nuff said about the main visual feature of my logo and the “valor values” it represents. Hey, you can spent $200 on a fedora, but this elegant felt version is a great money $aving start.

3. Meet John Doe (1941):

Directed by Frank Capra (DVD). This is the OTHER Capra Christmas classic about a good man tempted to suicide from a great height on Christmas Eve. Villains take it in the jaw, chicanery is exposed, and the hero may even get the girl. Talk about a manly plot. Plus, fedoras all around! An annual tradition in Coffinlandia.



4. Poems Every Catholic Should Know:

Ed. by Joseph Pearce. Come on, brothers. How can you focus for on sports stats, assassin novels, and golf magazines—for years—but not spend a few hours marinating in the best poems ever written? I say swap the Man Cave for a Man Library. Poetry can change your life.


5. Cedar shoe cleaner box:

A man’s shoes say a lot about his attention to detail, not to mention etiquette. After noticing your sex, hair and eye color, shoes are the next thing people notice about you. Your shoes looking ratty and worn? Spruce ’em up with this elegant shoe box with all the gear you need get started on the Royal Road To Spiffy.


6. Spitfire Supermarine fighter:

This 72:1 diecast of Britain’s powerhouse World War II fighter plane is perfect for your study, desk, or over the hearth. Be inspired to fight, fight, fight the devil and his minions!

7. Starting Strength Training:

By Mark Rippetoe. This is the bible of basic barbell training. Gentlemen, our muscles were made to be worked. Benefits include weight loss, general well-being, self-discipline, and…upper body strength that will definitely increase your productivity. You know you want to.



8. Gerber mini-knife:

By mini is not meant tiny. This knife is great for the everyday carry needs: strings, receipt stems, tape, boxes, letters, anything needing sharp separation from anything else. When someone asks for a knife, they’re really asking for a man.


9. Daily Roman Missal:

What the name says. This sturdy Missal has physical heft and spiritual depth. A good incentive to start going to Mass through the week. This Missal includes the Scripture readings for Mass, assorted prayers, discrete Latin accompaniment, rites, rich biographical information on the Saints. Not cheap, but well worth it for its priceless content and the positive habits it instills.



10. It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways:

By Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. Do you dream of dropping that muffin top that overruns your belt line, or what like an extra chin? Feel drained by 10AM? Trust me; this 30-day science experiment on your body will change your health and your attitude toward that which you put in your piehole. The first time I did the Whole 30, I dropped 22 pounds. Boom. Repeat after me: “It’s only 30 days.”



11. Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit:

O how I wish I had started with this deal and a half! Many thousands of smart men are converting to the traditional wet shave, and this kit from Gentleman Jon will get you started right away. To see my simply tutorial on safety blade wet shaving, click HERE.


12. Three Stooges Triple Feature:

If you have to ask why….


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Happy Advent!


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