#311: Benedict Our Pope —Patrick Coffin

#311: Benedict Our Pope —Patrick Coffin

On February 10, 2022, on the eve of the ninth anniversary of the “abdication” of Pope Benedict XVI, I released a video titled “Seven pieces of evidence that Pope Francis is an anti-pope.”

If you are new to this evidence, believe me, I understand the cognitive dissonance it creates first. 

If you are beyond tired of trying to explain to yourself and to others the crazy things done and said by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and wondering how our Lord Jesus Christ could want this globalist modernist as His Vicar, give this episode a listen.

After this interview, you will know:

  • Why Canon 332.2 of the 1983 code of canon law clearly shows that a Pope must renounce the office (“munus” in Latin) of the papacy in order to validly abdicate.
  • Canon 332.2 in context
  • The difference between munus and ministerium
  • Why words matter
  • Why even if Francis was the most orthodox Catholic in history, he would still not be pope
  • The reason why so many trads and conservatives reject this evidence
  • How we know the Holy Father deliberately designed an impeded See
  • What the average Catholic can do

Resources Mentioned

  • VIDEO on the Seven Pieces of Evidence
  • Two-part INTERVIEW with Estefanía Acosta on this blog
  • Five-part REFUTATION of the Substantial Error theory by Estefanía Acosta
  • Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus? By Estefanía Acosta
  • VIDEO of Benedict XVI reading the Declaratio
  • Linguistic ANALYSIS of the Declaratio text by Bro. Alexis Bugnolo
  • ESSAY by Matthew Hanley on the evidence in Front Page magazine
  • INTERVIEW with Hanley on The Patrick Coffin Show



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