#324: How to Beat Anxiety —Timothy Gordon

#324: How to Beat Anxiety —Timothy Gordon

Tim Gordon and I discovered over time that we are both somewhat afflicted with above-average anxiety. In this frank conversation, we get into some of the fears and anxieties (they are virtual synonyms) that have plagued us and how we got through rough spots. 

Catholics, particularly Catholic men, can often have a hard time accepting that they are so afflicted, as though feeling nervous is a moral flaw or sign of weakness.  This false belief, of course, becomes the basis for the next round of anxiety. We both think this very personal and transparent interview will be an important episode of The Patrick Coffin Show. Many suffer in silence. No more!

After this interview, you will know:

  • Why the Australian Dr. Claire Weekes made such a vital contribution to the management of nervous conditions and chronic, even deep seated, anxiety
  • The four steps of Weekes’ method: face, accept, float through, and let time pass.
  • How the fear of fear quickly becomes another cause of anxiety
  • The role of faith and a relationship with Christ can be a huge help in the search for inner peace
  • Why exercise and plenty of water is so important to recovery from anxious thoughts
  • Why facing and accepting bodily symptoms of anxiety is not the same thing as enjoying or embracing them
  • The anxiety of Christ in the garden and how to offer up ours with His

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