5 Isms You Should Know About

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5 Isms You Should Know About

In this video I cover 5 of the most important isms we face in today’s culture.


  • Why is there something rather than nothing?
  • Why does goodness and evil exist?


  • Absolute Agnosticism contradicts itself by stating that we can know for certain that man cannot know for certain that God exists.
  • While moderate Agnosticism, the idea that God might exist, is not an answer to the question of whether God exists.


  • Relativism is an objective moral claim that there are no objective moral claims.
  • Humans are not moral relativists by their nature, and even relativists are not relativists. I.E. They tend to be evangelical, which implies that they have a moral claim that must be changed to a superior standard.


  • Men and women are different ergo they have different roles. The eye has a different purpose than the foot. Men + Women differ physically, so they would have different purposes.
  • We are equal in dignity by being made in the image of God, but we cannot be equal in purpose due to our differences in the Body of Christ. The hammer cannot be equalized with the same duty as the saw even though they are both tools.


  • Catholic Social Teaching is based on the virtue of Justice, more specifically Commutative Justice, which is giving an individual their due. Pope Pius XI said, “no one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true Socialist.”
  • Socialism “equalizes” power and rights of man by taking an excessive amount of wealth to distribute to those who lack the power and rights of the rich. The differences in power and rights come from the author of nature, God. Through this mass wealth confiscation, the government becomes the controller of this wealth and violates Justice by not giving individuals their proper due, i.e. they violate the seventh commandment.

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While you are there, please leave an honest review.

Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated!

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