#117: Alfred Kinsey: Father of the Sexual Revolution—Dr. Judith Reisman

 #117: Alfred Kinsey: Father of the Sexual Revolution (Free Version)


The Roots of The Priestly Abuse Scandal—Part III

This is the third interview in a four-part series on the roots of the pederast priest crisis.

I have been reading Dr. Judith Reisman’s courageous research since 1989, when her explosive book, Kinsey, Sex, and Fraud, came out, exploding diehard myths about the sadomasochist pervert who spawned the Playboy Philosophy and Fake Sex Science.  

Reisman has been fighting the toxic and deadly effects of Kinsey’s failed Sexual Revolution long before it was cool to do so.

She is a Research Professor at Liberty University School of Law, a scientific adviser, California Protective Parents Association, and a distinguished Senior Fellow at the Inter-American Institute, and the author of books you need to read (see below) if you want to understand why Kinsey is the father of the anti-family, anti-woman, anti-chastity chaos and destruction known as the Sexual Revolution. Sixties. What an honor to introduce her and her work to a new international audience!

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In this episode you will learn

  • The basic bio of Alfred Kinsey, child abuser, homosexual, proven liar
  • How his 1948 book Sexual Behavior In the Human Male caught the lifelong attention of Hugh Hefner, who vowed to become Kinsey’s personal “pamphleteer”
  • How Playboy magazine started as revenge porn by Hefner, whose first wife Mildred cheated on him
  • Specific examples from the Kinsey book showing child sexual abuse and torture
  • Concrete examples of how Kinsey flat out lied to rationalize and spread his own degenerate behavior
  • How the Catholic Bishops naively accepted the advice of Kinsey-taught psychological “experts” to disastrous results
  • How the same experts who gave evil advice to the Church are criticizing her for encouraging the very behavior they promoted
  • Why heterosexual porn is inherently homosexual


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Question of the week:

Why do so many Catholic leaders continue to trust secularist psychologists?


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