Patrick Coffin Media Ambassadors is made up of dedicated and supportive people who support the mission and have helped get the show off the ground: by far the hardest part. If only words can convey our gratitude to you, and to the other donors whom we can’t list here because of sheer length. You know who you are, and so does God.

As Patrick Coffin Media is not a 501c3 organization, your financial support is truly dedication without the deduction!

The culture is not going to renew itself.

THANK YOU for stepping into the breach with us:

Paula Brock

Patrick Burke

William Ecay

Charlie and Jess Echeverry

Emily Evans

Albert Faraj

Kathryn Jennings

Steve and Teresa LeMire

Ted Gartland

Donald Goodliffe

Chuck Haas

Mario Hermosillo

Steve Hicks

Dcn. Dennis Holian

David Joyce

Gary Keepes

Damien Martinez

Erik Moledor

Philip Mooney

Mike and Sandy Murphy

Uyen Nguyen

Jennifer Nugent

Jeff Paradowski

Kevin Parker

Arasely Rios

Nick & Jen Rivette

Walter Russell Jr.

Rodolfo San Augustin

Samson Sebastian

Cameron Sellers

Rick Sheer

Graham Smaul

Hank and Theresa Vander Poel

John & Janis Wakelin

Melissa Waters