78: America: Mission Territory—Peter Herbeck

78: America: Mission Territory—Peter Herbeck

The home of the free because of the brave is filled with many terrific people, who live a life (for the most part—the poor, Jesus said, will always be with us) of comfort and convenience.

America also comes with particular challenges for Christians who are engaged in evangelization. This week, I talked to one of the best in the biz, Peter Herbeck, vice president of Renewal Ministries and its director of mission. He has been speaking about the lordship of Jesus for over 30 years in scores of countries all over the world and he has special insights into the “isms” here at home that make it a challenge for missionaries. I loved this conversation!


In this interview, you will learn:

  • How the failed sexual revolution has produced not only chaos but also countless hungry hearts for the truth about human sexuality
  • How different the average American is compared to the average Chinese in terms of openness to Christ
  • How the prison experience of a Lithuanian bishop provides a powerful lesson for us in the US
  • Why relativism represents an obstacle to evangelizing, but not an insurmountable one
  • The importance of praying with people on the spot when they ask you to pray for them
  • How culture impacts the Christian life and vice versa
  • Tips on how to stay calm when sharing the gospel with those who might be hostile


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Question of the week:

What is one small thing I can do to be a better witness for the Faith?


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