127: An Agnostic Jew Defends Christian America—David Horowitz

127: An Agnostic Jew Defends Christian America—David Horowitz


Sometimes outsiders behave like insiders and vice versa. Agnostic Jewish author and critic David Horowitz has collected an awful lot of important social and historical information and put it all in one place: his new book Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America.

Why defend Christian America from her enemies—many of them liberal Jews at the forefront of radical movements? Because, inter alia, Horowitz is a recovering liberal radical himself and he knows the targets of his book and their rabid agenda very well.


In this episode you will learn

  • The history of the war to destroy America through Supreme Court decisions and the social movements that led to them
  • How Horowitz, an agnostic, came to see clearly what would happen if America stopped being a Christian nation
  • Why so many secularist Jews have been behind revolutionary movements
  • How the “right to privacy” somehow discovered in the 1965 Griswold v Connecticut decision paved the way for Roe v Wade and other badly argued decisions
  • What Christians can do once they see the reality of the war against the religious dimension of the American experiment


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Question of the week:

Post-ACLU, would the founding Fathers even recognize the country they designed and launched if they came back today?


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