96: Anger, Forgiveness, and the Sex Abuse Scandal—Rick Fitzgibbons, MD.

96: Anger, Forgiveness, and the Sex Abuse Scandal—Rick Fitzgibbons, MD.


Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons has 40 years’ experience as a psychiatrist. His expertise is in the clinical benefits of forgiveness and in the interpersonal dynamics of anger. The priestly abuse crisis provides plenty of anger, and plenty of opportunity for forgiveness, where appropriate. But is the crisis about “clericalism” as some have claimed?

Fitzgibbons believes that if anyone blames clericalism participates in the cover-up since the crisis is mainly about homosexual predators destroying young lives. Euphemisms and changing the subject are not a strategy for restoration.


In this episode you will learn:

  • The psychological roots of same-sex attraction
  • The difference between sinful anger and the morally neutral emotion of anger
  • Why forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling
  • The way in which clericalism has helped give cover to the perpetrators
  • Why the Catholic Church is still the unique repository of Christ’s truth


Resources recommended in this episode:




Question of the week

How can righteous anger be a positive agent for change in the Church today?


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