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Government FAQ About the Lockdown

https://youtu.be/DZkfpzZa6XM Tired of the confusing nature of the government's replies to your questions about the lockdown, etc? Feel alone in your frustration and [...]

Government FAQ About the Lockdown2021-02-23T00:52:23-08:00

The Four Stages of Communist Takeover

https://youtu.be/IPGLROEQbcI In this video, you will learn the four stages of communist infiltration and subversion as taught by the late ex-KGB operative Yuri [...]

The Four Stages of Communist Takeover2021-02-06T02:47:13-08:00

The Vaccine is an Anti-Sacrament

https://youtu.be/BdfEptA4rXI The Vaccine is an Anti-Sacrament In this video, Patrick goes after the strange alliance between the Vatican, Big Pharma, and WEF [...]

The Vaccine is an Anti-Sacrament2021-01-28T01:03:37-08:00