176: Being a Success No Matter the Odds—Mike Lindell

It’s been a year since I interviewed CEO and founder of MyPillow on the Patrick Coffin Show. Back then, my motive was to talk about his role in producing the pro-life hit film Unplanned and to hear some more of his crack-addict to CEO story.

Little did I know how much more there was to the story. And then in late March, I saw Mike giving some remarks in the Rose Garden standing next to President Trump. I watched and listened to Mike’s plan to be part of the solution to the CCP virus lockdown: he would convert over 70% of his manufacturing operations away from pillows to USA-made cotton face masks to help make up for the shortage.

But when Mike invoked Bible reading, encouraged people to spend more time with family—and thanked God for Trump’s work—all hell broke loose and Mike Lindell was attacked by the usual leftist mob. This recent interview focused on his willingness to bring his Christian faith into his very public work.

In this episode you will learn

  • How Lindell’s 14 near-death experiences gave him an intense zest for life
  • His rock bottom losses and how they spurred his recovery
  • Why he believes his story and the formation of the Lindell Recovery Network will make the critical difference in the lives of millions of addicts unto sobriety and peace
  • How secular radio host, the late Don Imus, chided him into making sure he brought up “the baby Jesus” when sharing his backstory
  • How a down-and-out severe crack addict became the leader of the most successful direct marketing campaign in US history
  • Why he believes NO ONE is beyond help
  • Why the title of his autobiography What Are the Odds could not be more fitting

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