134: Big Tech Is Big Brother—Matthew Peterson

134: Big Tech Is Big Brother—Matthew Peterson


Stories of conservative thought being silenced and censored online is now a problem so obvious that liberals like Canadian feminist (I know, almost a tautology) Meghan Murphy are taking note. Murphy was was banned for life from Twitter for using the birth name of a transgender person. The horror!

Matthew Peterson, vice president of education at the Claremont Institute, has had enough. He’s on a mission to gather together anyone—conservative or otherwise—motivated enough to fight back against the narrow-minded, one-sided agendae of Big Tech. How is it just that Google, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms routinely soft-ban or outright remove influencers with unapproved opinions? 

Today’s heretics in the Church of SJWs may not be burned at the stake. They’re just booted out of polite cyber society. Then again, given the track record of violence by groups like Antifa, give them a chance…


In this episode you will learn

  • Why the answer to leftwing censorship of conservative thought and argument is not to “go create another Google.”
  • How the internet is both a blessing and a curse to Christians trying to influence culture
  • Why standing and fighting Big Tech is the duty of every citizen who wants to preserve the kind of public debate and discourse without which America cannot survive
  • That the rampant deleting of conservative thought leaders (under flimsy pretexts) is a function of clearing the decks for the 2020 election
  • Why one’s definition of “freedom” (which precedes freedom of the press) conditions the entire debate about Big Tech meddlers


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Food for Thought:

Why is America without a robust public marketplace of ideas no longer America?


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