145: Books You Must Read Before You Die—Joseph Pearce

145: Books You Must Read Before You Die—Joseph Pearce

If Joseph Pearce had a superhero alter ego, it would be…Bookman! I know of very few other scholars more qualified to recommend the great books we all ought to read before we go to The Great Printer. The British born writer, editor, and professor of literature has spent his life mining the gold from the raw ore of books out there. How great to have a guide who can tell gold apart from fool’s gold.

This exchange was a lot of fun, and I know you’ll learn as much as I did.


In this episode you will learn

  • The true meaning of a “classic” book
  • Pearce’s favorites to read and reread
  • How author biographies and their novels amplify each other
  • Why reading is so essential as a life skill
  • Tips on reading lists, priorities, and understanding genres
  • The difference between taking time and wasting time
  • How books can prompt or strengthen conversion to Christ

Resources mentioned in this episode

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