01: Bradley Birzer On America Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


Dr. Bradley Birzer is a brainiac, a nerd, and a progressive rock aficionado. Good luck labeling his worldview! Birzer holds the Russell Amos Kirk Chair in American Studies and is a professor of history at the renowned Hillsdale College in Michigan.  He’s also a Fellow with the Foundation for Economic Education, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, the McConnell Center for Public Policy, the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal, and the Center for Economic Personalism in Brazil.

He writes much-lauded books about major cultural influencers such J.R.R. Tolkien, Christopher Dawson, and Russell Kirk.

And he’s way into the Canadian rock band Rush, whose legendary drummer Neal Peart is the subject of another of his books.

The natural raconteur with the easy laugh sat down with me to talk about the building blocks of American culture, to survey the damage, and to offer some thoughts about what restoration might look like. You’ll learn a ton, as I did.


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