Je Suis Charlie Gard

The heart-rending case of young Charlie Gard of England puts a most important question before us: Whose life is it anyway? If a young child is very [...]

Je Suis Charlie Gard2017-07-04T11:35:49+00:00

Catholics Cannot Be Pacifists

There is a romantic wistfulness for the pacifist cause. Last year’s Mel Gibson’s excellent film Hacksaw Ridge depicted the heroic actions of [...]

Catholics Cannot Be Pacifists2017-06-19T21:57:22+00:00

London is falling

Fans of The Clash will get the title's allusion. Another Islamic attack has unfolded before our eyes, this time at the iconic [...]

London is falling2017-06-06T07:07:46+00:00

Catholicism is Weird

Let’s face it. Catholicism is weird. This is true for ignorant outsiders and for dissenting insiders. Like the Hebrews of old, Catholics [...]

Catholicism is Weird2017-05-22T21:13:52+00:00