Join Twexit!

Join Twexit! In this video, I run down the reasons why I am deleting my Twitter profile on September 8, Our [...]

Join Twexit!2020-08-31T16:47:25-08:00

A Proposal For President Trump A Proposal For President Trump   Ordinary Americans, Catholics especially, are tired of the lies and distortions of Democrats like Rep [...]

A Proposal For President Trump2020-08-10T14:11:59-08:00

Seven Movies Men Love

Seven Movies Men Love What is it with those movies (there are hundreds of them) that resonate with men? They can watch [...]

Seven Movies Men Love2020-07-19T14:06:00-08:00

Another Good Priest Removed

Another Good Priest Removed It's becoming a pattern. Catholic pastors telling uncomfortable truths being removed by their bishops faster than you can [...]

Another Good Priest Removed2020-07-03T23:44:33-08:00