148: Confession Under Attack Down Under—Archbishop Julian Porteous (Free Version)

148: Confession Under Attack Down Under—Archbishop Julian Porteous (Free Version)

Archbishop Julian Porteous is the Ordinary of Hobart, Tasmania, and an astute observer of Australian culture, particularly how fast it has veered toward militant secularism. The latest example is the law passed September, 2019, that provides jail time for priests who will not disclose what is confessed in the Sacrament of Reconciliation (aka Penance, or Confession) by, say, an abuser of minors.

This is an outrageous and unprecedented intrusion into the running of the Catholic Church in what is otherwise known as a free country. The rights of the Church are violated, and the challenge becomes down to the great difficulty in explaining why the Seal of Confession is substantially different from a relationship like attorney-client privilege. 

Think this could only happen in secularist Australia? Think again. Secularist America is next: California and Louisiana legislatures have already tried the same stunt.

In this episode you will learn

  • The context as to why this law amendment was passed, and why
  • Why the Catholic Church has been singled out for unjust scrutiny by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse compared to the MUCH more dangerous institutional environments for children
  • Why the Archbishop believes this attack on the rights of the Church and the sacred nature of the Seal of Confession provide a great opportunity for evangelization
  • Whether His Grace, or any priest in his archdiocese, is willing to go to jail rather than disclose what is said in Confession
  • Why this new Tasmanian law will actually work against its own stated rationale
  • What all this implies for Catholics in and outside Australia

Resources mentioned in this episode

  • Don’t Mess With Marriage pamphlet published and distributed across Australia by the Australian Conference of Catholic Bishops, and spearheaded by Archbishop Porteous
  • Background article on this new attack on religious freedom
  • Calvary movie, directed by John Michael McDonough (Rated R but exceptionally pro-Confession and pro-priest)
  • I Confess movie, directed by Alfred Hitchcock

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If laws like this come to your country, how will you defend the sacred Seal of Confession?


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