107: Dads’ Guide to Christmas Movies (special Christmas episode)

107: Dads’ Guide to Christmas Movies (special Christmas episode)


Like Santa himself, Tim Gordon and I have made a list, checked it twice, and have found out which Christmas movies are naughty or nice. Tim, as you will remember from Episode 80, is the author of Catholic Republic: How America Will Perish Without Rome and the co-host with Dr. Taylor Marshall on their popular podcast/YouTube channel.

This is a free-wheeling dueling rant about Christmas classics and clunkers from the point of view of cinephilic Catholic dads. Say what you like, but our opinions are correct, I tell you. Well, mine are…


Movies mentioned in this episode:

Here are the movies we discuss with brio, while openly ribbing each other because, well, Advent is penitential:


It’s a Wonderful Life


Meet John Doe

A Christmas Story

The Bishop’s Wife

Miracle of 34th Street

Die Hard

Love, Actually (pornish as is– use VidAngel!)

A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott)

Disney’s A Christmas Carol (Jim Carrey)

Joyeux Noel


Special mention of the remake of 3:10 To Yuma, no extra charge.


And don’t worry, no Christmas movies involving Tim Allen were mentioned. Shudder. You’re welcome.



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