#173: Did Pope Francis Help Cause the Covid-19 Pestilence?—John Gravino (Free Version)

#173: Did Pope Francis Help Cause the Covid-19 Pestilence?—John Gravino (Free Version)

Anyone who but raises the question of God punishing the world today for sins runs the risk of mockery and derision. The critics reply that “That was the vengeful God of the Old Testament. Jesus was much nicer.” And while it can be very difficult to prove a cause-effect relationship in particular cases, we do know three things.

First, God has a history of sending plagues and other punishments on mankind, as with the Noah and the flood, the plagues upon Egypt, the leprosy of Miriam, the messages of Akita and Fatima—they all validate the truth that God can and does occasionally send widespread punishments upon mankind.

Second, idolatry is a violation of the First Commandment and is particularly egregious when authorized by a pope.

Third, the public worship of the occultic idol Pachamama in the Vatican, including its enshrinement before the main altar of St. Peter’s Church, was such an idolatry.

Author John Gravino connects a number of key dots, between heretical Church documents and sexual sin, and between the Pachamama worship and the outbreak of COVID-19.

In this episode you will learn

  • The connection between the German Synod intentions and the loss of faith in that country
  • The unusual timing between Pachamama idol worship at the Vatican and the worldwide coronavirus outbreak
  • The decision of the Italian bishops to compose a prayer to Pachamama to bless the land and the fact that Italy was soon the worst hit of all countries after China.
  • The dereliction of duty by most mainstream Catholic media outlets in refusing to ask difficult questions
  • How the dissent of the 1960s and 70s has resurfaced in official magisterial documents

Resources mentioned in this episode

  • Gravino’s fascinating essay on Baal and Asherah in The Stream.

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  1. It is not just Italy that is an epicenter of this virus but more specifically Bergamo which is the hardest hit city that includes the death of twelve priests. It so happens that bishops who posted this pachamama prayer were from the Diocese of Bergamo.

  2. Here are two passages from scripture that I think should be heeded. “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 New International Version. And Here is a link to Daniel’s prayer of Repentance for his people

  3. Consider this additional evidence linking Pachama to CoronaVirus. The day the Amazon Synod began last October, a warning was given to the nun associated with Our Lady of Akita. Through this warning we know the CoronaVirus was a punishment due to the idolatry and syncretism at the Amazon Synod.

    1. Before and during the Amazon Synod, the public worship of idols occurred at the Vatican, which were then brought into St Peters and other churches near the Vatican. The primary statues were half-naked, pregnant women who Pope Francis called “Pachamama” (a pagan goodness). He never apologized or repented for these sacrileges.

    2. On the day the Synod began (Oct 6, 2019), the guardian angel of Sister Agnes Sasagawa appeared to her and told her to “Put on ashes and pray the Rosary daily for reparation.”
    (visit the website for WQPH radio, which first reported this event)

    3. This is the same nun to whom Mary appeared in 1973 in a church-approved apparition called Our Lady of Akita. At that time the guardian angel spoke to Sr Sasagawa, and later Mary also spoke through a statue of her likeness, which cried and bled on multiple occasions.

    4. Back to the present: Interpreting the message Sr Sasagawa received on Oct 6, 2019 is aided by daily readings on the next two days, Oct 7 and 8, which concern the story of Jonah and Nineveh. In the story, God warned Nineveh through Jonah that the city would be destroyed in 40 days because of their evil. In response, the King of Nineveh sat in ashes and ordered the whole country to repent of their sins. God relented in destroying them.

    5. If we count forward 40 days from Oct 6, 2019, we reach mid-November, which is when the first case of CoronaVirus was documented.

    6. Since then, Italy has suffered far more deaths to the virus than any other country, including China. The people of Rome and Italy were also punished by being denied the Mass and the Eucharist. This same punishment of sickness and death and denial of the Mass has extended to other parts of Europe and the Western world.

    The Pope and the College of Cardinals should repent for their actions. The world may suffer because of their offenses at the Amazon Synod against the one true God.

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