131: Disrupting the Abortion Narrative—Lila Rose

131: Disrupting the Abortion Narrative—Lila Rose


Lila Rose fought abortion before fighting abortion was cool. At the tender age of 15, she began the Live Action apostolate from her parents’ living room. She knew it was killing babies and wounding their mothers and fathers, and that “thoughts and prayers” alone is not a strategy.

By 18, the then Evangelical Christian Lila began doing undercover-with-hidden-cam work investigating Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. What she saw and heard—and recorded for the world to see—shocked her. And so LiveAction.org was born and quickly grew.

Ten years out, and Live Action is a top leader and influencer in the area of authentic (and brave) pro-life education. As Lila points out, it’s not just about “learning facts.” It’s about how to put those facts—to quote St. Mother Teresa—into a  living action. Hence, Live Action. Listen to Lila unfold the story of how the non-profit, non-partisan apostolate became a powerhouse model for other pro-lifers wondering what to do about the problem.


In this episode you will learn

  • Exactly why you do not need to appeal to the Bible or any source of divine revelation to argue that abortion is wrong
  • How to answer the “hard cases” (which represent less than 1% of the reason for abortion)
  • How the internet has changed everything regarding the ability of pro-lifers to influence the world
  • Why Planned Parenthood is looking more and more desperate for validation and credibility
  • The steps Lila (and most of her family) took to become Catholic
  • The right attitude of perseverance to stay in the game, despite neverending challenges


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Food for Thought:

What logical flaw do you see in the Clintonesque slogan, “Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare?”


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