03: Dr. Ray Guarendi vs The Parenting Experts


Dr. Ray Guarendi is what you can safely call a character. The clinical psychologist, author, TV and radio host and father of ten adopted children, brings a unique combination of wry humor, a love of hard social science data, and a healthy allergy to the clichés and half-truths of “pop psychobabble.”

Our interview on The Patrick Coffin Show covers a lot of ground that will be of immediate interest to parents struggling to do the best they can at their respective jobs of mothering and fathering.

Our culture has so redefined the very definitions of words like mother, father, family, and sex (in the sense of marital embrace and of gender) that many parents feel like they’ve entered a strange Twilight Zone of confusion and uncertainty when it comes to raising children. They become easier prey of The Experts who are all too willing to dispense their agenda on the unsuspecting.

Dr. Ray’s latest book, Advice Worth Ignoring: How Tuning Out the Experts Can Make You a Better Parent,  is addressed to anyone wanting to step up his or her game in the original Extreme Sport known as parenting. Along the way he explodes the major myths sold to parents. Start that list with “Thou Shalt Not Ever Spank,” “It’s the ‘terrible twos,’” and (one of my favorites) “It’s normal.”

You’ll enjoy our exchange while you catch some value bombs for parenting. I’ve also interviewed him many times on Catholic Answers Live and shared the dais with him at enough conferences, which easily qualifies me to say unflattering things about his sweater.


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