#141: Dubia Cardinal Goes On the Record—Raymond Cardinal Burke

#141: Dubia Cardinal Goes On the Record—Raymond Cardinal Burke


Under the papacy of Pope Francis, Catholics around the world are asking themselves wondering about the foundations—the claims and teachings—of the Faith. What is doctrinal and binding and what is disciplinary and optional?

Every week there’s a new crisis or scandal. The clarity and precision Catholics came to expect under previous Popes seems a thing of the past. And yet Catholics who love Jesus want also to love His Vicar. Staying balanced is no mean feat.

The former Archbishop of St. Louis (and Bishop of LaCrosse before that), Raymond Cardinal Burke is a counter sign to the weaponized ambiguity, a bright light in a climate of confusion. His service to Christ and the Church is unique: he was ordained in St. Peter’s Square by St. Paul VI and consecrated a bishop by St. John Paul II. 

Promoted to head the Supreme Apostolic Signatura by Pope Benedict XVI, he was demoted by Benedict’s successor, and then further sidelined by the Order of Malta. The reasons are slightly obvious. Cardinal Burke is unafraid of conflict when proclaiming the full truth, moral and ecclesial, of Jesus Christ.

Often falsely portrayed in the MSM as a “hardliner” or “Francis critic” or “culture warrior prelate,” Cardinal Burke is the picture of gentle articulation. He speaks clearly, forcefully (when needed), but with nary a whiff of bombast or self-promotion. In this uncensored, unscripted conversation, His Eminence speaks to the biggest problems facing the Church and reveals an astonishing command of the facts of recent history (names, dates, authors, documents, etc.) and the heart of a shepherd who’s committed to uniting truth and love.


In this episode you will learn

  • The roots of the current doctrinal confusion (hint: modernism)
  • Why he became a priest 
  • Why canon law is “not for the faint of heart”
  • His views on Carlo Maria Viganò and the impact of the Viganò letters
  • Why Catholics should NOT be upset by the upcoming Pan Amazon Synod
  • His thoughts on the two theories, “Pope Francis was not validly elected” and “Benedict’s abdication was not valid.”
  • The implications of the promotion of so many homosexualist prelates in the Vatican
  • Which bishops and cardinals he admires and why
  • Whether he thinks Pope Francis will ever answer the Dubia questions
  • Why Catholics today must cling ever more closely to Christ

Resources mentioned in this episode

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Food for Thought:

Do I live my daily life as though Christ has left me an orphan or is working out a grand plan of restoration amidst the darkness?



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