Fantastic Reasons to Dump Twitter

Fantastic Reasons to Dump Twitter

I want to mention a couple of pet peeves that you might share regarding the social media platform known as Twitter. First, you have to realize that Twitter is designed to maximize conflict and to make people extremely angry. There is no middle ground on Twitter

There are those who are passionately against X and those who are passionately in favor of X. And when you have a limit of 280 characters you cannot lay out an argument you can only explode with emotion.

You can love something intensely or hate something intensely. Twitter removes the possibility of actual conversation leaving only the most Primal impulses in the human person.

Twitter was designed to bypass the cerebral cortex and go straight for the hippocampus …the lizard brain. The Primal part that is hopped up on the drugs of sex, survival, food, and the need to appear like John Wayne while hiding behind a fake handle.

Fellow Catholics, you have to decide to get off the fence and become who You Are!

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