123: From Crack Addict to CEO—Mike Lindell (Free version)

123: From Crack Addict to CEO—Mike Lindell


Mike Lindell had a dream. Actually, he’s had a series of dreams, which have all come true. The founder and CEO of MyPillow.com—chances are good you’ve seen one of his infomercials—never dreamed (pardon the pun) that his longtime crack addiction would be a thing of the past.

Nor that he would be a major financial backer of a hit movie that was predicted to bite the box office dust.

And yet, Unplanned starring Ashley Bratcher doubled its predicted opening weekend take and continues to touch hearts and minds, thanks in part to Lindell’s vision for cultural change surrounding abortion. He is also generous in using his large platform to the cause near and dear to him: helping addicts get clean. His whole story is preposterous, if you think about it.


In this episode you will learn

  • How this non-MBA small business owner and inventor escaped a life-threatening addiction to crack cocaine.
  • Why Lindell is “all in” for President Donald Trump and how he (Lindell) knew Trump was not only going to be elected president, but would far surpass anyone’s expectations.
  • Why he is using his business platform to help fellow suffering addicts.
  • How he learned that Abby Johnson’s story was a thing in the first place.
  • Anecdotes from the filming of Unplanned.
  • Just how bad the opioid addiction crisis is, and how Mike Lindell is part of the solution.


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