43: From Islam to Christ—Derya Little

43: From Islam to Christ—Derya Little

The news media invariably give a skewed version of Islam as a world of tolerance and open-minded toward the differently-minded. Derya Little can tell you otherwise from growing up in Turkey in a 99% Muslim milieux.

Her dramatic, at times, harrowing story is told in her spiritual autobiography From Islam to Christ: One Woman’s Path Through the Riddles of God

As you’ll learn from the interview, Derya discovered that Christianity is essentially a loving relationship with a divine Person as opposed to the Islamic idea of Allah as master and the reality of Islamic government as theocracy.

And what a story: divorced parents; atheist worldview; living la vida loca at university; an abortion; another abortion.

Then an encounter with Christ as an evangelical — huge. Discovery of sacred Tradition and the sacraments, especially of Confession — even more huge — with a denouement of finding lasting love in the Sacrament of Matrimony and the bosom of holy Mother Church.

Derya vulnerably tells her tale of transformation with interesting asides in this very personal interview. 

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