How Can Birth Control Be Wrong? Part I

How Can Birth Control Be Wrong?

Part I

In this video, the first of a three-part series, I explain the biblical and philosophical basis for the Catholic Church’s teaching on contraception—by far the most controversial, least understood teaching on the planet. When St. Pope Paul VI issued the Encyclical Humanae Vitae.


Here’s my basic wish list of banishment:
  • The historical context for the release and rejection of Humanae Vitae
  • Important dates: 1930 (Anglican bishops accept birth control for the first time); 1960 (first Pill approved by the FDA); 1065 (Griswold v. Connecticut Supreme Court decision which legalized the sale and advertising of birth control); 1973 Roe v Wade (abortion first legalized)
  • Bible passages supporting Humane Vitae’s norms: Genesis 1: 27; Genesis 9:1; Genesis 35:11; Psalm 127, Genesis 38:1=10
  • Contraception is the theory, abortion is the practice
  • Natural Family Planning (NFP) is not the moral equivalent of contraception
  • Note the origins of the word: contra (against) ception (the beginning)
  • The Catholic sexual ethic leads to human flourishing



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