42: How Fake News Abets Fake Science—Austin Ruse 

42: How Fake News Abets Fake Science—Austin Ruse 


There’s a new high priestly caste in the cultural worship space whose function is to spout a new ideology, replacing what was once called “science.” The new ideology is a form of propaganda and political control, and you deviate from it at your peril.

From the statistics relating to the proportion of homosexuals in society, to the “facts” about global warming (rebranded as “climate change” when the oligarchs saw that too few were buying the old brand), to the realities of abortion, population control, genetically modified food — for starters!

Austin Ruse has compiled an impressively researched array of counter facts to push back against the purveyors of quasi-scientific fakery in his new book, Fake Science: Exposing the Left’s Skewed Statistics, Fuzzy Facts, and Dodgy Data

If you want a comprehensive summary of the major fiefdoms of fake science and how fake news aids and abets it, this interview is the place to start.

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