How Far Will Cancel Culture Go?

 How Far Will Cancel Culture Go?

In this Sit ‘n Talk video, I review some of the latest (admittedly successful) SJW activism that has led to some beloved brands, sports team names, and food products, and musicians getting either cancelled—or, worse, cancelling themselves!


  • Movies like Gone With the Wind (one of the greatest films in history) and the family favorite Christmas movie Holiday Inn are either cancelled or must come with a “warning label.” Not very condescending!
  • Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s Rice, RIP
  • Sports teams to get targeted for name changes: The Atlanta Braves, The Washington Redskins, the Cleveland Indians, and the Edmonton Eskimos. UP next: the Chicago Black Hawks.
  • The FBI has admitted that evidence exists, although under seal until 2027, that proves Martin Luther King Jr. was not only an adulterer many times over and fathered at least one child by a woman, not his wife, he witnessed and encouraged a rape in a hotel room.
  • His statue remains unmolested. Same with the racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who wanted as few “Negro babies” in this world as possible.
  • John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, Orange County, is under the microscope —plus all statues of the Duke apparently need to be taken down—because of some things he said about blacks and whites over 50 years ago in a long-forgotten interview someone dredged up.
  • What about sayings, like “call a spade a spade,” or “always darkest before the dawn,” or “black-eyed peas,” or “a blackened record.” Are these dog whistles or racism? Let me guess: “white noise” can stay as it is…




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