113: How Lavender Is the Church?—Joseph Sciambra (Free Version)

113: How Lavender Is the Church?—Joseph Sciambra (Free Version)


We read a lot about “the priestly sex abuse scandal,” which goes by various names, most of them euphemisms meant to deflect the truth of the matter. Joseph Sciambra knows all about the deflection of truth. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, a product of the beige Catholicism Lite of the 1970s and 80s.

Casual porn use starting before he was ten led him down an increasingly perverse path including a complete embrace of the homosexual lifestyle. He performed in gay porn. He had a near-death experience. He had terrifying encounters with the demonic. And Jesus Christ liberated him.

Joseph became friends with the founding father of reparative therapy, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, PhD, and the founder of the Courage apostolate. Father John Harvey, OFSF.

His fine blog, www.josephsciambra.com, is the go-to place if you want to see the pro-LGTB dioceses, archdioceses, gay-friendly prelates and programs infecting the Catholic Church in America and beyond. In this interview, we discuss just how lavender is the Church today, even after the ostensible efforts at ridding the Church of what Pope Benedict XVI called “the moral filth”?


In this episode you will learn

  • How he escaped the brutal, dark world of the Castro District homosexual life
  • Why homosexuals cannot function as healthy, effective Catholic priests
  • How homosexuality became normalized through pop culture
  • The reasons why Sciambra believes the “born that way” theory is dead wrong
  • How chastity and living the sacramental life of Christ continues to change his life
  • His message to bishops and archbishops who allow the LGTB agenda to take root in their dioceses


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Question of the week:

Why are so many Catholic leaders either afraid to speak the truth about homosexuality or are ignorant of that truth?



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