How to Build Immunity From Political Correctness


How to Build Immunity From Political Correctness

In this video, I review the origins of the term “politically correct” and connect them to today’s headlines and public discourse, particularly for Catholics.

Points Covered

  • Political correct was a tool by the extreme Left to keep people in line and to “encourage” them to toe the party line—the Communist Party line.
  • UnPC speech came to be synonymous with a speech that deviated from the Party ideology, that that made the speaker known as a whistleblower, a troublemaker, aka a counterrevolutionary.
  • Disciples of Jesus Christ must, by definition, counterrevolutionary.
  • The media elites, political oligarchs, institutions of “higher learning,” and the Hollywood dream factory, think they have a lock on the grand narrative. But do they?
  • Our Big Tech betters are terrified of losing their hold on the narrative. So if you create and post a video that goes after a sacred story cow, our Silicon Valley overlords will censor you, or demonetize your effort.
  • Recent examples of CCP virus news and information censorship, including from doctors.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci told the host of a Snap Chat podcast fittingly called “Good Luck America” two weeks ago that quarantined people may hook up for casual sex through apps like Tinder if they’re careful about such a “calculated risk.” But beaches, churches, schools, and the economy, must be shut down!
  • The rise of the internet—for all its problems—has meant that like-minded people can connect around the world and have open discussions that may be officially forbidden by the media elites
  • People who try to enforce political correctness count on one thing to keep it all going. And that is fear.
  • The Bible commands us so often to “be not afraid” because God knows our propensity for fear, which is the opposite of faith.
  • Perfect love casts out not some fear or most of it, but ALL of it.
  • A fearful populace is a populace very easy to manage. That secret, once exposed, can be defeated.
  • If you want to be a follower of Jesus Christ, at least as a Catholic, you must be willing at times to feel uncomfortable emotions and do the right thing anyway.

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