189: How to Defend Marriage and Family—Fr. Sebastian Walshe

189: How to Defend Marriage and Family—Fr. Sebastian Walshe

It’s easy to forget that marriage (and with it, the family) is under attack due to the distractions of the CCP Virus lockdown and the BLM/AntiFa street violence. But the same elites who support the errors of communism are the ones doing the attacking. Sexual liberation is a form of political control, and the family is the bulwark against it.

Father Sebastian Walshe, OPraem, has penned a truly amazing summary of what marriage is, and why the family is indispensable for the present and future survival of our culture and way of life. It’s titled, Understanding Marriage & Family: A Catholic Perspective. Father Walsh is one of our treasured speakers for our Restore the Culture Conference in Newport Beach, CA, April 30, May 1, 2021. Stay tuned for more information!

In this episode you will learn

  • Why we start to lose the debate by ceding that there is more than one kind of marriage
  • The basic definition of marriage (PS: it’s not what you may think)
  • The various threats to married life
  • Why acceptance of contraception is lethal to marriage and marital longevity
  • Signs of flourishing in happy Christian families
  • How the divorce culture has created new reasons for mistrust and fear of marriage

Resources mentioned in this episode

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