#247: How to Fight COVID Corruption in the Courts—Reiner Fuellmich

#247: How to Fight COVID Corruption in the Courts—Reiner Fuellmich

German attorney Reiner Fuellmich (and a featured expert speaker at our recent Truth Over Fear summit) has fought corporate corruption for his legal career, with high-profile success against Deutsche Bank, Volkswagen, and many others.  The current Covid corruption is the latest in this tradition—a difference in degree not kind.

Learn about his International Coronavirus Committee, now with attorneys in over 50 countries. If you need legal counsel, or if you’re a whistleblower who wants to talk in strict anonymity, click the links below. The whole global deception is going to be ultimately resolved in the courts.

In this Episode You Will Learn

  • The brief history of the Committee and why it got launched
  • Why humanity needs and deserves a new Nurnberg 2.0 international  tribune to punish the criminals who perpetrated untold thousands of wrongful deaths and injuries
  • Why the PCR test is utilized to produce false positives
  • Victory stories in the legal fight
  • Why the court of public opinion is more potent that legal courts as a first step toward turning the tide against tyranny
  • Fuellmich’s plans and hopes for the future

Resources Mentioned

  • Link to Truth Over Fear summit featuring Reiner Fuellmich, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Peter McCullough — 40 expert speakers all in one place.
  • International Coronavirus Committee website (English)
  • Video on the 1961 Milgram experiment


Join us in the fight against tyranny and the misuse of science for political control. Take action, register for a one-year subscription,  and become a knowledgeable voice for truth and freedom.


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  1. The content of your interview was very enlightening. To end the segment, you and Reiner spoke about how corporations and private entities could possibly, eventually be found negligent in a court of law. What about the demands placed on individuals who are being subjected to these COVID measures when entering their places of worship? It seems to me that a ‘fight’ against the Catholic Church could bring the whole world together against this evil. I am Catholic and I feel my church is attempting to force this evil on me.

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