151: Just How Corrupt Are Kids’ Books?—Deborah DeGroff (Free Version)

151: Just How Corrupt Are Kids’ Books?—Deborah DeGroff (Free Version)


Were you raised on Dr. Seuss? P.D. Eastman? The Hardy Boys? Maybe Anne of Green Gables? If the answer is yes to this genre and quality, then this interview will shock you. Author and educator Debbie DeGroff has put together a painfully brilliant collection of evidence showing the drip-by-drip degradation of books aimed at high schoolers, and younger.

I’m talking hardcore pornographic images and story lines. Liberal use of f***, s***, m*****f*****, b****, and the rest, graphic references to sexual deviancy of every imaginable sort. I frankly didn’t believe how bad it was until I read DeGroff’s important new book, Between the Covers: What’s Inside a Children’s Book?, which is part overview of popular books for children and young adults since the 19th century, part expose of diabolic designs of major publishers, and part alarm bell for parents who have no idea what is in their school library—and yes, that Catholic school library down the street as well.

In this episode you will learn

  • The historical roots of the corruption of kids’ literature beginning after World War II
  • What Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel), John Dewey, and sex criminal Alfred Kinsey, all have in common
  • The urgent need to parents, pastors, and youth ministers to get educated on the sheer level of evil peddled in popular books foisted on teens and children
  • The underlying context for the current Drag Queen Story Hours in public libraries
  • How the American Library Association became a fierce defender of porn and genuinely ultra violence in youth literature
  • The difference between censorship and banning illegal obscenity
  • The importance of reading your kids’ books before they do

Resources mentioned in this episode

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