Let’s Cancel These Evil Things!

Let’s Cancel These Evil Things!

In last week’s video, I talked about the 10 movies that need to have warning labels because of Inoffensive Bad Evil inappropriate content. Tongue in cheek, of course. In that satirical vein, let’s keep that train rolling!

In this video, I take aim at more celebrities, songs, band names and other “problematic elements” that SJWs will be going after sooner or late.

Points Covered

  • The Dixie Chicks dropping the evil Dixie part and now just going by the Chicks. What? Sorry, calling grown women chicks is….sexist.
  • I am officially calling for them to be called The Women. (No wait—I can’t believe I missed this. We can’t call them women because the word men appear in the word. I will get back to you on this.)
  • We need to cancel Dixie cups, those “subtly” pro-slavery beer containers. Dixie cups are red. Same color as the devil.
  • Canadian folk-rock band Lady Antebellum changed their name to Lady A—a very nice start.  Too bad their white privilege blinded to the existence of a black jazz singer who goes by Lady A. Classy.
  • Aunt Jemima  BZZZZZZZT
  • Uncle Ben’s Rice BZZZZZT
  • What about the Southern Poverty Law Center?  SOUTHERN? Hello?
  • Inappropriate band names: The Black Crowes; Confederate Railroad; The Kentucky HeadHunters
  • Forget it let’s just cancel all country music.
  • Racist Christmas carols like…wait for it….WHITE CHRISTMAS! “Do you hear what I hear” makes fun of the hearing impaired; the UK hit, “Do They Know It’s Christmas” is condescending toward the very Africans they purport to help. As if black people don’t know it’s Christmas. Or Frosty the Snowman—the same color as Santa Claus.
  • White singers with culturally appropriating surnames: country singer Clint Black; Canadian media Mogul Conrad Black; comic actor Jack Black; comedian playwright Lewis Black.Guys we know you’re using your name ironically….Come on.


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