196: Lockdown and Covid19 Masks: Useless— Dr. Joel Hay


196: Lockdown and Covid19 Masks: Useless— Dr. Joel Hay

Dr. Joel Hay is the founding director of the Department of Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy at the University of Southern California. Hay is also a Health Economist at the Harbor UCLA Center for Vaccine Research.

He’s also one of the lone voices out there in the medical higher education and research world when it comes to the China virus lockdown and the advisability of the donning of masks. The scientists and physicians who speak out with facts that contradict the Fauci/Redfield/Birx Grand Narrative have been shunned, banned, deleted, and defamed.

Why? Isn’t the scientific method all about testing hypotheses? The marketplace of ideas? Open-minded analysis of contrary evidence? No, not when it comes to the origins of, and dealing with, the CCP virus pandemic.

In this episode you will learn

  • Why the media/medical industrial complex conflated “Covid spreads quickly” with “Covid is deadly” and how that false match-up fueled every subsequent decision
  • Why Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is NOT a lethal virus
  • Why age alone is not a risk factor
  • Why masks are ineffective to stop the spread, despite 24-7 media propaganda
  • The coming global depression and hyperinflation if this lockdown continues
  • How the CDC/WHO numbers got undeniably  inflated
  • Why the deleting, banning, and shaming of medical professionals and scientists who challenge the Dr. Anthony Fauci grand narrative is proof that the pandemic protocols are not based on science
  • What happens when doctors act like politicians and vice versa

Resources mentioned in this episode

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