183: Logos Rising, Part One—Dr. E. Michael Jones

Where did everything begin? Language? Civilization? God’s people? The Incarnation? How about the discover of time, and the rise of Islam, and science?

All these topics and more are treated by Dr. E. Michael Jones, author editor of Culture Wars magazine, in his new (very readable if dense) tome Logos Rising: The History of Ultimate Reality. There so many elements to this important book that I needed to break it into two episodes. Not everyone is going to agree with 100% of his thesis, a maxim that applies to 100% of my guest. As ever, take what you find true and helpful and leave the rest. We cover the history of ultimate reality from creation up to the Incarnation of the Logos made flesh, Jesus Christ. 

In Part Two next week, we will cover from then until present day (well, almost).

In this episode you will learn

  • The origins and meaning of the Greek word logos, which means many things: reason, speech, order, intellect, and so on, and why St. John used it to begin his Gospel “In the beginning was the Word logos)” John 1:1.
  • Why the atheist arguments against God’s existence fail to grapple with the heart of the matter: something cannot come from nothing.
  • How the Greek philosophers saw the most basic form of the universe either as fire, air, water, change, and permanence, and how each contains a basic incomplete truth
  • Why Darwin’s “natural selection” and “survival of the fittest” are tautologies
  • The ways in which pagan philosophers prepared the ground for, and anticipated, the coming of the Messiah by their deep intuitions and musings
  • Why human speech is the sign of being made in God’s image and likeness par excellence.

Resources mentioned in this episode

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