33: Marxism vs Catholicism, with Tim Stanley

33: Marxism vs Catholicism, with Tim Stanley

British historian, journalist, and broadcaster Tim Stanley sees connections among ideas and movements. Take the modern conservative movement, for instance. He produced a documentary for the BBC titled How Marx Made the Right  in which he credits Karl Marx as a major causal factor in the rise of the Right in the 20th century.

In this interview, you’ll gain insight into life as a Catholic convert working in the public maw of secular Great Britain (or the “U.K.” as the more nondescript nomenclature goes) and into the importance of participating in the process of public story telling, which is another way of describing the media’s “news coverage” function: facts + value = story.

Tim earned his PhD in history at Trinity College, Cambridge, and has taught US history at Sussex, London and Oxford. Reticent to be called conservative, he says,  “I prefer traditionalist – the Amish seem to know what they’re doing.” Either way, he speaks clearly about the need to preserve the foundations of the great thing called western civilization.


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