77: Media That’s Catholic But Not Catholic Media—Michael Knowles

77: Media That’s Catholic But Not Catholic Media—Michael Knowles

Michael J. Knowles is the Yale-bred host of two-thirds of The Daily Wire platform begun by Ben Shapiro. He “wrote” a clever “book” titled Reasons To Vote Democrat: A Comprehensive Guide 

Very few commentators anywhere in the mediasphere are out of the closet Catholics who actually accept all the teachings of the Church, which is why Mr. Knowles caught my attention. (Everyone reading this can list a dozen faux Catholics in media.) His show is much more politically geared than mine, but his infectious enthusiasm for slaying liberal arguments and his no-apologies support for President Trump couched in millennial-speak, and his frequent references to his unabashed Catholicism, make him very watchable as a host.


In this interview, you will learn:

  • How Knowles got the Daily Wire gig, and what his mission is
  • How he uses his Stella Adler Studio acting skills to communicate
  • His unsuccessful attempts at baptising Ben Shapiro in the office hallway
  • How his faith informs his political conservatism
  • The paradoxical similarities between President Trump and Pope Francis
  • Why the digital media provides a strong counterweight to the hugely biased MSM
  • My thoughts on marriage as he prepares to take the matrimonial plunge


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Question of the week:

Which governs your decisions more—Catholicism or conservatism?



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