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This introductory presentation is custom-made for the average lay person who wants to go deeper in his ability to “always have a ready reason for those who ask of the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15).

In Getting Started in Catholic Apologetics, Patrick Coffin distills the entire work of explaining and defending the Catholic faith into the least you need to know:

  • How God revealed himself in and through Christ and the Church he founded
  • How to show – from the Bible – that sacred Tradition isn’t the “traditions of men” condemned by Jesus.
  • The role of the magisterium in determining the deposit of faith for all generations
  • The historical reliability of the New Testament
  • The seven strategies for becoming an effective communicator and a successful witness for Christ
  • The “secret” that offers irrefutable proof of the teachings of the Church
  • The “sweet sixteen” resources you’ll need to get started
  • And much more!

Getting Started in Apologetics is for anyone interested in gaining more confidence as a disciple of Jesus Christ: lifelong Catholics who want a refresher course; new Catholics who want to grow in their faith “that comes to us from the Apostles;” RCIA team leaders, catechists and candidates who want a practical way to understand the sources of Catholic truth; and open-minded non-Catholics who want to learn the bottom line of what Catholics believe and why.

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