02: Michael Medved: Is God a Co-Founder?


Author and nationally syndicated radio host Michael Medved has an extra dollop of gratitude for America. He wears it on his sleeve. It fairly pours out of him when he speaks. It certainly animates his newest book, The American Miracle: Divine Providence In the Rise of the Republic. I’ll get to this fascinating book in a moment.

I won’t hide my admiration for the host of The Michael Medved Show, which is, in the words of its intro, “the number one show in America on politics and pop culture.” Been a listener for over 15 years. I know what gets under his skin, what he finds funny, annoying, and so on. Last year, with grace and resolve, he successfully fought back against what has to be a professional broadcaster’s worse nightmare: a diagnosis of throat cancer.

That fight seems to have intensified his love of God and country – two loves he acquired later in life. At Yale Law School he became friends with a young woman named Hillary Rodham, and his fellow boomer-era travelers seemed collectively destined for a liberal worldview, if not leadership.

But Medved’s moral conversion to an essentially conservative Republican point of view, and his spiritual return to Orthodox Judaism as a baal teshiva (reverts to orthodox Catholicism can relate to the concept) are unlikely twists to an otherwise “pre-set” story. His memoir Right Turns gives a fuller account.

In our conversation, Medved details an unusual sequence of what have been nicknamed God-incidences – winks of Providence – in the rise and flourishing of the United States. This Canadian ex-pat living in Southern California had never heard of most of them. The list of astounding military victories, date parallels, bizarre weather phenomena that helped the ragtag Colonists beat back the fearsome British naval machine point to a Someone behind this exceptional national experiment known as America.

The American Miracle is a good place to discover signs of God’s hand in secular history. It’s also a reminder to stop whining about “how divided we are.” The country has been far more roiled and riven in the past. Ever on the brink of disaster, the American ship keeps righting herself.

Maybe she has some help from a non-political Source…I interview, you decide.


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