Milgram Explains Covid Madness

Milgram Explains Covid Madness

In this video, I connect some hugely important dots, between Yale psychologist Stanley Milgram, PhD, and the current Covid tyranny.


  • The Milgram experiments provide a massive clue explaining why only a minority of our fellow humans can see through this massive deception regarding SarsCov2.

  • The Milgram experiment, in July 1961, were conducted three months after the trial began in Jerusalem for the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann.

  • Milgram devised an experiment to see how far he could push test subjects to hurt other people under the pressure of an authority figure encouraging them to continue.

  • He put out an ad in the local newspaper for learner subjects in an experiment involving memory, which in reality was an experiment on obedience.

  • The test subjects, aka Teacher, had objections to zapping the Learner (in reality a paid actor). They really wanted to stop; they sweated and fidgeted and sometimes burst into nervous laughter and showed signs of distress.

  • The correct percentage of the test subjects who in the end managed to ignore the screaming and the begging on the part of the learner  — encouraged by the forceful attending doctor to continue — all the way to the severe shock level is…..65%……. almost two-thirds.

  • Just like in the Milgram experiment, if the triple Big monster — Big Government, Big Media and Big Pharma — says it forcefully enough and often enough, the subject is more likely than not to comply.

  • All roads have led to this vaccine.  The masks were a dress rehearsal for compliance.

  • If you’re wondering how this Beast System is being built around us today, one surrendered liberty at a time, remember the accidental prophet, Stanley Milgram, who explained 2021 back in 1961.


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  1. Dear Patrick,

    Thank you for this very enlightening video. I totally agree and can see that in my everyday life, people complying with these lunatic mandates in the face of reality. I don’t get it. I had Covid back in January of this year. It was a very mild case, I didn’t even know I had it. I found out quite by accident that I have Covid antibodies when I donated blood. I have O negative blood and routinely donate blood, 4 times a year. Since June of 2020, OneBlood has been testing donor blood for the Covid antibodies. I donated In June 2020, September 2020 and December 2020 with negative result for Covid antibodies. I donated in March of 2021 and was positive for Covid antibodies. With that information, I went to a local walk-in clinic to have the finger stick to determine if indeed I did have the antibodies. The result of that test showed I had both short term (Igm antibodies) and long term (Igg antibodies). The PA in the walk-in clinic said I likely had the infection in January as I still had both the short term and long term antibodies. The vaccine roll out had started here in Florida and I would be eligible to get the jab in April, based on my age. WIth the result of already having the antibodies in my blood, I felt like I won the lottery! WA-HOO! Antibodies and feeling great.

    Fast forward to present day here is south Florida, all of this push to show vaccine card. I went back to the walk-in clinic to get the antibody test again and sure enough, I have the long term Covid antibodies (Igg) in my blood. But, my own general care doctot will NOT allow me to have an in person office visit unless I show proof of being vaccinated. I explained to the receptionist that I have the antibodies in my blood, STILL, including results from current antibody test. NOPE. They will NOT have in person visit without vaccine card. I am so pissed!! It defies science to mandate that a person with PROOF of antibodies get a vaccine to produce antibodies that their body has already produced. I am so over these “follow the science” idiots that I can’t even stomach conversations with people that refuse to logically think about this topic. Makes me sick.

    But thank you for “going there” to show a pattern of how we got here. My question is who is pulling the strings for this and to what end? I just don’t understand. I agree 100% it is happening, and I REFUSE to play the game, but I don’t know who is doing it or why. Do you have any insights into this?

  2. Thank you. I have watched the experiment several years ago and found it terribly disturbing and worry about I and a couple of my children have been hold-outs along with some of my friends from church. My motto is – “don’t ask, don’t tell”. Unfortunately, the children who did not get “vaxxed” recently contracted the “virus”. I am quite sure I had it in December 2019 – before anyone knew it was a “thing”. (sorry for all of the “‘s) A couple of us have been doing the hydroxychloroquine route and ivermectin through The Frontline Doctors. I am worried because too many of my grandchildren have been vaxxed, so I probably won’t live long enough to be a great-grandmother. The younger ones may be free of this if this all comes to an end soon enough. I am an RN, still working at 80 – in reasonably good health in mind and body, and try to keep as informed as possible about all of this nonsense being pushed on us from all sides. I have RN friends who are in agreement with me and together we stand against this crime against humanity. My name is out there on a lot of social media platforms stating my position, so if the thought police come after me I guess I’ll be in gray pajamas in an isolated concentration camp somewhere for my declining years. Maybe I’ll get to keep my rosary, Bible, and Kindle so I can amuse myself with my books.

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