#236: Miracles and the Stigmata: Part Two—Adam Blai

#236: Miracles and the Stigmata: Part Two—Adam Blai

In this second episode of a two-part series, demonologist Adam Blai shares his in-depth personal knowledge of a living stigmatic who, by overwhelming evidence, undergoes the sorrowful Passion of Christ.

A private citizen and Catholic convert, this woman shares in an unprecedented way in Christ’s subjective experience of being betrayed, sweating blood, being arrested, scourged, and then crucified with Christ. She bears in her body the marks of Jesus’s torture and crucifixion.

In this Interview You Will Learn

  • How the stigmata first appeared in Church history in the life of St. Francis of Assisi
  • How the woman’s wounds match the anatomical wounds of Christ from the accounts in the Gospels and the forensic data from the Shroud of Turin
  • Eucharistic miracles and incorruptible and the odd fact of their being largely unknown by Catholics today
  • The account of a total cure from cancer by Christ HImself and how it connects with her stigmata.
  • The gripping and, in a sense, terrifying lengths to which our Lord went in expiating our sins on the cross
  • How the stigmatic’s experience highlights the urgent need for more trained faith-filled exorcists
  • Why the Passion is God’s supreme act of Self-emptying “for us men and for our salvation”

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