27: My parents’ divorce still hurts, with Leila Miller


We live in an age of divorce parties, Hallmark Cards that celebrate divorce, and sit-com plots that revolve around the “hilarious” hi jinx that ensue when the ex comes over. The necessary premise for this age is the notion that kids don’t really suffer because of divorce, not really, right? The kiddos are resilient, right? Mommy and daddy were so unhappy, until that boo boo was fixed, right?

Wrong, says author and married mother of eight, Leila Miller. The 70 courageous men and women in her new book Primal Loss: Now Adult Children of Divorce Speak tell a very different tale. Their experiences – laced with uncomfortable truths about how divorce is almost invariably the “gift” that keeps on taking – are finally brought into the open. Finally, we’re having a conversation about the central characters in the drama that are usually not given a speaking part: the children.

If your parents were divorced or if you’re on the verge yourself, pay attention to this interview.


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