#259: Overcoming the COVID Mass Psychosis—Mark McDonald, MD

#259: Overcoming the COVID Mass Psychosis—Mark McDonald, MD

A member of America’s Frontline Doctors, McDonald has been outspoken and has gained a whole new batch of enemies—and friends. He put his message in one place, a new book titled, United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis. He sat down with me to discuss how to see through the lies and take back your life.

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In this Episode You Will Learn

  • How the media have suppressed news reports of domestic abuse, violence, and drug use since the Spring 2020 lockdowns
  • Proof that Covid 19 is more than an accidental crisis or mishandled health policy, but something involving literal evil
  • How to see through the “fear porn” and recognize media-induced compliance to tyranny
  • Why about 80% of doctors are useless in this fight for freedom and informed medical consent
  • How wussified, emasculated men enable and promote this manmade crisis
  • The psychological reason behind the rise of the Karens
  • How Covid-19 fits a striking pattern of ginned up “pandemics” since World War II.

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  1. Patrick–God bless you for your “Courage is much more contagious than covid” comment and all the other insightful messages. Even though Dr. McDonald is not yet Catholic, perhaps you could reach out to him explaining the GREAT HOPE we have in Jesus Christ, the most Holy Trinity, Our Blessed Mother, and the one, holy Catholic and apostolic faith/Church, including the great hope we have for our eternity. (And maybe you could invite Dr. Vladimir Zelenko as well.) (This could be a private conversation, and perhaps you could invite others as well?)
    As we (true Catholics) know, there is no greater TRUTH in this short lifetime than to know the real TRUTH about God. We are all sinners and at the same time children of God, daily working out our salvation (all with God’s grace and Our Lady’s intercession) with “fear and trembling.” And perhaps they (both doctors) have not yet heard the TRUTH about the “Real Presence” of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament–the source and summit of our Faith.
    Thank you, Patrick, for all you have done and continue to do all for the greater glory of God (and love of neighbor). I am a very grateful listener and consider you a tremendous blessing during these “End Times” we are living through.
    May you and all your loved ones have a very blessed rest of this Advent, and a most holy Christmas season. Debbie

  2. Patrick. & staff thank you the interview. Dr M.McDonald. this is. great shared with a friend who runs a hospital. lives in small town area this will give it some credibility. the topic many folks are to trusting of government no need to reply

    1. Thank you. This is one of the most relevant, sane, sensible and soulful conversations I’ve heard in the past 2 years.!

      Correction – Former Gov Cuomo was not worshipping safety when sending elderly into death traps,, he was worshipping Satan.

  3. Thank you for a very interesting discussion. I’m moved to make a few remarks. Nowadays most people have lost a sense of spirituality, and one practical consequence is that when confronted with a situation that is wrong they formulate it in psychological terms, such as crazy or insane, when what is really happening is disordered thinking on the plane of the spirit: sin as opposed to virtue. What we are dealing with is wickedness, not insanity, and those responsible are very smart, along the lines of “He is very wise, and weighs all things to a nicety in the scales of his malice.” That inevitably brings up the Theory of the Progression of Evil; where a person either reforms or does not stop at second best but goes on to third rate, bad, abominable. Those behind all this cv pre-totalitarianism are somewhere between bad and abominable. The end state of this progression has been described as follows: the desire to dominate and then simply to annihilate the being of others. That’s where we are now. It brings up an interesting metaphysical speculation: just as God has, apparently, raised up worshipers from stones (dust of the earth: carbon, hydrogen, phosphorus, DNA, etc.) to in a sense replace the fallen angels, so to has Satan apparently set himself the task of replacing (annihilating first) those worshipers with beings of his own creation — robots and AI. Mark of the Beast is imminent. The climax is very near.

  4. This culture we have been living in was created by the work left, and I think that’s why most of the hysterical are of the same persuasion. Those of us who haven’t panicked and who have gone out whenever we could and defied many of the early mandates (such as don’t get in your car and drive!) have too much common sense. We also tend to hold more traditional values. No way will I ever let the likes of Mark Zuckerberg tell me how I have to live my life. Thank you for this podcast–very important and understand.

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