06: Phil Cooke: Branded By the Light


Christians are supposed to be intimately familiar with the Greatest Story Ever Told. We’re the protagonists of that story in the sense that we are the objects of the love of the Author.

God didn’t get anything out of it.

Yet we don’t act like it’s our personal story. We act like the rest of the world is supposed to figure the story out on their own. Eventually. Maybe.

Since around 1991, Phil Cooke, media guru and co-founder of Cooke Pictures, has been working in Hollywood against this attitudinal floodtide. In our interview, he talks about why Christians have stayed safely cocooned inside the “Christian media bubble.” Do TV and movies create culture or are they merely mirrors of culture? Why do so many Christian-themed movies fail to connect with the much larger audience outside the “believersphere”?

If you’re interested in leveraging media technology for evangelization, get Phil’s book The Last TV Evangelist: Why the Next Generation Couldn’t Care Less About Religious Media and Why It Matters.

When we ask why the world rejects our message, we need to be less shy about checking the mirror for the answer.


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