Red, Blue, & the Other Five Pills

Red, Blue, & the Other Five Pills

Most people are familiar with the metaphor of the pills from the 1999 movie “The Matrix.”

In the movie, the hero Neo, played by Keanu Reeves can either take the red or the blue pill. Taking the latter mean he stays ignorant of the massive computer simulation around him and humanity. Taking the former means he has his eyes open to the truth, and all it implies.

In this video, I set the record straight about some confusion that has set in about the meaning of these pills. I argue there are seven pills throughout life, not two.

Points Covered

The red pill has now been co-opted by the Left and turned into a conspiracy theory term, or something that signals that you’re an alt-right misogynist or whatever.
The seven pills throughout life, in order, are:
  1. the brown pill (fallen human nature)
  2. the white pill, (the grace of Baptism)
  3. the blue pill (worldly, secular thinking)
  4. the red pill (sudden insight into difficult but liberating truths)
  5. the black pill (despair and depression, anxiety, crisis of meaning)
  6. the gold pill (the sacramental return (or entry into) to Christ and His Church
  7. the mysterious seventh pill (because it’s heaven, it cannot be described only hinted at)
Two concrete examples of blue vs red pill thinking: regarding Pope Francis and the CCP virus lockdown
The pills metaphor involves the mysterious interplay between divine providence and our free will.
Which pills do you want, and why? The choice is yours.

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