#220: Religion Is Upstream From Culture—Dr. Scott Hahn

#220: Religion Is Upstream From Culture—Dr. Scott Hahn

This interview with Dr. Scott Hahn goes to why I started the podcast and Coffin Nation. Hahn is well known and well-loved around the world for good reason. He combines faith and reason, the supernatural with the natural in a writing style that is accessible without pandering to the masses.

In his latest book, co-authored by Brandon McGinley, titled It Is Right and Just: Why the Future of Civilization Depends on True Religion, he lays out exactly why culture depends upon the transcendent values of a given populace. A much-needed contribution to the public conversation about the crises raging around us.

In this episode, you will learn

  • Why politics is downstream from culture, and religion is upstream
  • The alternative meaning to Marx’s maxim, “religion is the opium of the people”
  • The importance of the 1998 Encyclical by St. John Paul II, Fides et Ratio
  • An accurate definition of true religion
  • The centrality of  the Lord’s Day and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for restoring the culture 
  • Why leisure is the basis of culture
  • Why secularism is a form of idolatry and how to spot it

Resources mentioned in this episode

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