#240: Seminarian Files Massive Lawsuit Against Dolan—Ray Belair

#240: Seminarian Files Massive Lawsuit Against Dolan—Ray Belair

This one is huge. Pastorally, it has profound implications for corrupt seminary rectors and their bishop bosses. Financially, it is the highest of its kind in US history.

The plaintiff is former Archdiocese of New York seminarian Anthony Gorgia. The defendants are Timothy Cardinal Dolan of New York, Fathers Peter Harmon and Adam Park (the rector and vice-rector of the North American College respectively, Father John McDonald, and over two dozen John Does. You can read the formal Complaint in the link below.

This is about the cover-up of sexual perversion, grooming, and the spiritual abuse of vulnerable seminarians. It’s not rare for a seminarian to be ousted from a seminary for bogus reasons, which can further result in the loss of a vocation because of corrupt Church bureaucrats.  What is rare is when a seminarian decides to push back and fight the corruption in the courts.

Enter the courageous Anthony Gorgia, represented by New York attorney Raymond Belair who joins me for this week’s important episode of The Patrick Coffin Show.

In this Episode You Will Learn

  •  The backstory to the Gorgia case
  •  The names of all the relevant players end this outrageous scandal
  • Why does case is of historic importance to the Catholic Church in America
  •  The plight of heterosexual theologically orthodox seminarians today
  • The documentable lies told by Gorgia’s superiors to justify his ouster
  •  The bishops implicated in the cover-up, and the ongoing silence
  •  Disturbing details about a reported gay orgy involving Harmon and then sitting Bishop of Springfield Illinois, George Lucas
  • How the Vatican provides a well-oiled runaround machine that stonewalls, denies, and wears down complainants—and why the Anthony Gorgia case is different

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